Brush Up On Your Casino Trivia

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Casinos were created to house fantastic, adrenaline pumping games and welcome people from across the world to enjoy a common goal and hobby. So, what more is there to tell about these famous institutions? We are glad that you asked because we have some interesting facts to share with you.

5 Casino Facts For Your Next Game’s Night

  1. Casinos have Italian roots

Researchers and historians have found evidence dating back to 1638 of casinos in Venice. Adding to this is the fact that the word “casino” received its name from the term casa” which means home or establishment in Italian. While many countries have taken on the colourful experience, with Las Vegas being particularly enthusiasm about it, the Italians are the folks we should be thanking for this wonderful hobby.

  1. The slots only came to be in 1887

When people first started gambling back in the day, table games were a standard. However, in 1887, The Liberty Bell was the first slot machine to hit the market. While it may have been simple, it shaped the future of gambling and resulted in slots becoming a casino staple.

  1. Biggest slot win is $39.7 million.

There have been many jackpots won over the years with some more impressive than ever, however, the current record still stands at $39.7 million. This win went to an anonymous man who placed a $100 bet at the Excalibur Casino on the Megabucks slot machine.

  1. Play your cards right and it could be a career

The world has seen many famous celebrities and sportsmen take on poker as a hobby once they have decided to retire. We have also seen some celebs take it on simply because they have the money and time to spare. While having funds certainly plays a role in taking on gambling and the world of poker, there is no denying the skill associated with experience when it comes to discovering your competitive edge.

  1. The world’s longest poker game took 8 years

Modern tournaments can take a few hours to complete, and in some cases, this can turn into a few days – although this is incredibly rare. The record winning 8-year game started in 1881 in the basement of a theatre. It spanned over a total period of eight years, five months, and three days. We can assume that the players took breaks from the game during this time, however, rumour has it that they played the entire day with minor breaks.

The More You Know….

The intriguing world of casinos and chasing the market have a mountain of interesting facts just waiting to be uncovered. It is much more than simply an outlet for blowing off steam and spending money, they are historical structures with a fountain of knowledge. All you need to do is take the time to get to know your local establishments and consult everyone’s favourite Dr Google.