Category: Guides to Professional Playing

Professional casino game players need to make a point of managing their money. It requires both precision and meticulous record-keeping, as this is the only way to accurately keep track of overall wins and losses.

Professional gambler will often need to follow a specific circuit in order to be able to access the high-stakes games from which their profits are made. While the famous Las Vegas strip is considered by many to be a gambling hotspot, Macau has actually got more gross gaming revenue. A casino complex known as Entertainment City in the Philippines has also recently launched, with the express aim of becoming a new Las Vegas.

As a full-time gambler, however, travelling to these destinations is a tax write-off, so saving receipts helps pro gamblers file these as business expenses. Professional player may net all of their wagering activity, but cannot report overall wagering losses. They may also deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses, other than wagers, which are incurred in connection with their work.

Because of the amount of travelling pro gamblers undertake, healthy eating and sleeping habits are vital. Several days before the trip begins, they will usually adjust their sleeping patterns to match the destination time zone so as to curb the effects of jet lag once they arrive. Walking as soon as they wake up helps the daylight reset their internal clocks, and many gamblers swear by steering clear of excessive caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol, as well as avoiding social isolation.