Tips For Playing Sic Bo Like a Pro

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Tips For Playing Sic Bo Like a Pro

Sic Bo is one of the oldest dice games in the world, and historians believe that the game first came into circulation around 2000 years ago in ancient China, where it was played with tiles, painted stones, and bricks. 

Since then, the game has found its way across the globe, and has become a staple of many modern casinos, both land-based and online. It’s an easy game to learn, and can provide endless hours of entertainment for any casino player, both seasoned and new.

Learning the rules is the first step, but players often find that they hit a brick wall after a while, battling to win bets and make any real money. These four easy tips can help break that wall down and make Sic Bo much a much more financially viable option at the casino, providing a much-needed break from other types of wagering, such as AFL premiership betting.

  1. Know The Sic Bo Odds

Knowing the odds of any Sic Bo game can make a tremendous difference to the player’s win and payout rate. The first factor to consider is the house edge, which can fall anywhere between 3% and 30%, dependent on the casino. It’s advised to find a casino that offers the lowest house edge as possible.

The next step is to consider the bets and how they work with the house edge. Try and aim for “big or small” bets that that offer a payout in even money, and lowering the house edge to below 3% in some circumstances.

  1. Bonuses And The Bank Roll

Maintaining a bankroll is important, especially in an online casino that offers many automatic options. Staying in a position to carry on playing is vital to success in Sic Bo, and running out of money too quickly not only means having to leave the game, but losing a significant amount of in the process. Keep an eye out for any casino-exclusive bonuses that may help with the house edge or initial betting.

  1. Practise As Much As Possible

Like any casino game where manual input is required at all times, practise is the key to improving the chances of success. Learning different Sic Bo strategies can help immensely, and new players are advised to learn either the d’Alembert or Labouchere systems. Both differ in their approach to the game, but both can offer a solid chance at bettering the odds. Sic Bo is mostly a game of chance, but with certain strategies, that chance can be tweaked slightly.

  1. Know When To Throw In The Towel

Staying in the game is important, but knowing when to quit can make a huge difference in total losses and costs. Any professional player will advise newcomers that learning their limits and when to quit is just as important as making use of the above-mentioned strategies. Keep in mind that the longer a player stays at the table, the more their risk increases.