Tips from Professional Gamblers

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It may sound insane, but it is 100% true: there are many people who make a career from gambling. And it is not just poker players either.

Believe it or not, there are people who put in their eight hours a day making money at betting shops and casinos.

Thanks to the ready access the world now enjoys to gambling thanks to the internet-based bookmakers and casinos, it has actually never been easier to become a pro gambler, and more people than ever before are making a living from it.

Turn away from your real money slots, for a moment, and take in these tips to make sure you start seeing better returns!

Luck Has Nothing to Do With It

Professional gambling is probably not what you think it is. These guys do not rely on luck, largely because they tend to avoid games which are based on it.

Pro gambling is all about strategy, skill, and knowledge: it is about gaining an edge wherever it is possible, and using that to get one over on the house.

It is Not a Sprint, It is a Marathon

To fully understand the world of professional gambling, you need to see every one of your moves as a marathon. If you complete the marathon you will win, if you do not, you won’t.

The Average Joe or Jane may well choose to just get started with their fingers crossed. Pro gamblers, conversely, will do anything and everything in their power to make sure they stay in the race until they cross the finish line.

Perfect Your Poker Play

If you know the game well then you are already at an advantage, but you can push this even further by studying your opponents, and getting to know their tells, seeking out weaker opponents as you can, and making sure you are getting all of the benefits of various rakeback schemes.

Bring Home the Bacon with Blackjack

When it comes to blackjack, basic strategy will close the gap between you and the house.

You can also further decrease this by electing to play variations with a lower house edge and practicing your card counting skills.

Stay Ahead When it Comes to Sports Betting

Insider info and other tips are vital when it comes to successful horse and greyhound racing, and studying the form, making sure you are aware of previous results, and getting to grips with statistics will help you with other types of sports.

There is No Such Thing as a Sure Thing

The goal of pro gamblers is not to eliminate luck all together, but rather to reduce it to a very minor statistic, and play the odds instead.

For example, correctly manipulating a game of blackjack may allow you to turn the odds in your favour -but this could still result in you losing game after game.

If you stick to your strategy over the long-term, however, then you will see the results levelling out and the profits start to stream in.