What Gambling Pros Avoid

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You know how you become a pro? You practice. Pro gamblers have got to where they are thanks to the hours of practice they have put in, and often they have made mistakes along the way. Fortunately, thanks to advice such as this, you can learn from their mistakes and avoid making them yourself.

Not setting a budget

Rookie error number 1 is not drawing up a budget. Rookie error number 2 is setting up a budget but blowing it anyway. Pro players will always have a budget and they’ll also have a safety net too. Start small, and make sure that you don’t go in to the red to stay in a game.

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Underestimating your opponent

This could be your opponent at the Poker table, the dealer in Blackjack, or the house in Roulette or slots. Never, ever become complacent, or think that you’ve got it taped. A win is not in the bag until it is in your bank account.

Playing drunk

We all like to drink while we gamble or enjoy a spot of online betting, but let’s be honest, if we are serious about a game we can’t drink and play at our best. You don’t see sportsmen have a drink while they are competing. If you are really going to take gambling seriously drink after you’ve finished playing. You’ll notice the pros hardly ever mix drinking and gambling, for good reason!

Over persevering

This may sound crazy but stop for a while. Its said that your brain can only really concentrate on something for 45 minutes without needing a break and there is no reason to sit and play all night, unless you’re at the final table in a huge Poker tournament – and then you’ve prepped for it with months, or even years, of practice.  If you over-persevere then the chances are you’ll get tired and make silly mistakes that will cost you money.

Believing what others tell you

But you’re reading this… We don’t mean what those with experience tell you, we mean what other players at the tables or in online chat rooms tell you. Don’t be swayed by people who tell you they have a sure fire way to win or they have won millions. Rather take advice from the pros only, and ensure that what you learn actually adds value to your gambling experience.

Betting big in games you don’t understand

This ties in a bit with having an ego. If you don’t understand the game or are not quite sure as to the rules and strategies that you can use to your advantage, steer clear, or bet small amounts till you know what’s what. If you go all in you’ll simply be handing money hand over fist in order to stay in a game that you’re really not sure of.

Ignoring strategy advice

There is some seriously sound strategy advice out there that even the pros follow. Get your hands on it, learn it and don’t discount it. If it has a sound mathematical basis, chances are it will work.