Fruit Machines vs. 3D Online Slots

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Fruit Machines vs. 3D Online Slots

Everyone has their favourite online casino game, but for most players, slots are the go-to. Compared to card and table entertainment or the Bingo Canada has to offer, slots games are easier to play, incredibly entertaining and they offer far bigger payouts than any other type of casino-style game on the Internet.

There is another reason why these games dominate. This is because they come in many different shapes and sizes with everything from fruit machines to Vegas-style, 5-reel and 3D games all with varying themes, paylines and number of reels.

Two of the most popular variations are Fruit Machines and 3D slots, but what are the major differences between the two and why would you want to play one over the other?

The Attraction of Fruit Machines

Today, Fruit Machine is a term that has come to represent a certain type of slot; one that has a very basic setup of 3 or 5 reels and generally less than 10 paylines. While some of these do have fruit symbols on the reels, it is no longer a prerequisite for it to fall into the same category. If the game has a basic theme, a small number of paylines, and a classic non-nonsense look then it will be lumped into the category of fruit machines.

One of the key characteristics of these types of games is distinct lack of bonus features. In fact, beside the odd Wild or Scatter symbol, you will be hard pressed to find any type of bonus feature whatsoever. The focus here is on the game itself. That being said, fruit machines do offer some seriously big payouts and some of them are linked to a progressive jackpot network too.

Modern 3D Video Slots

On the other side of the spectrum we have 3D slots, these are the most modern of all the online games and are designed for maximum entertainment. The defining factor here is the use of 3D animation technology. They are immediately recognisable, as each one looks more like a Pixar movie, rather than a something you would gamble on. As well as having an introductory 3D animated video, the reels, and the background is beautifully constructed in 3D graphics.

The 3D rendered symbols and graphics are also heavily theme based, using the main characters to interact with the reels and sometimes integrating the theme into the bonus levels. Another defining characteristic of these entertaining creations is the abundance of bonus features. In most cases, the game will have a Wild symbol, Scatter symbols, a free spins round an at least one other bonus type feature which may or may not be interactive in nature.

Old Versus the New

Choosing one type of game over the other is simply a matter of personal preference and what type of experience you want to have. Each type offers something special, so if you are a purist you may enjoy fruit machines, while if you love action, cinematic style game play and non-stop entertainment, the 3D slots may be ideal for you.