More Advice from Gambling Gurus

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More Advice from Gambling Gurus

Pro gamblers are a special breed. They eat, sleep drink and breathe gambling and they play as if their lives depend on it Because they do. To be a pro gambler you need a few things, and these are top tips from the gurus who have made it big in the world of professional play.

Nerves of Steel

Facing a table full of formidable opponents in a Poker game takes guts, as does being able to think about your next move strategically, and not be intimidated by all those eyes on you. Poker is perhaps one of the toughest pro games to play, and many pro players may prefer Baccarat or Roulette for this reason. If you want to go pro, you need to steady your nerves, build up your resistance and teach yourself not to sweet the small stuff at Even if the ‘small stuff’ is several hundred thousand dollars!

Sleep Off a Loss

If you’ve suffered a major loss, go sleep it off. Don’t get drunk, don’t get down and don’t keep playing, unless it is something like Bingo for money, where you can’t easily blow thousands. We hear about tilt and about not chasing losses a lot, but the real pros say that after a big loss, the best thing is to do is to go and sleep it off. You’ll feel better in the morning and will have a clear head at the tables too. It might not always be easy, but dwelling on the past is problematic, whereas looking forward to the future puts you at an advantage.

Don’t Panic

The most fatal mistake you can make in any game is to panic. Things like getting too deep in to debt, betting more than you should have, not knowing what to do next, or a lack of confidence, cause panic. All 3 of these things are things that real pros know how to avoid. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of exhilaration – after all- that’s what gambling is about. But blind panic is a no go and something that every player needs to avoid. If you feel yourself panicking take a mental step back, reassess the situation and se where you can correct it. If you can’t, treat it as a very valuable lesson for next time.

Take Notes

While you might get funny looks doing this in a land-based casino, you won’t get any looks if you take notes when playing online. The Internet is an amazing resource for pro players as it gives them the chance to practice, to refine new skills and strategies and to have some fun too. Many pros play under pseudonyms too, so no one knows exactly whom they are up against, so you may well find yourself at a tale in a high stakes game with those in the business. Take notes at every opportunity, do your research and study the game. The more you know, the better prepared you are, and the more you are likely to win.