Life Of a Pro Slots Player

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The Life Of a Professional Slots Player

We’ve all tried slots at one point or another, and there’s no denying that it can be a lot of fun, especially given that there’s a chance we could win some real money back from just investing a few coins at a time. Slots players, like with anything, come in different shapes and sizes. Visiting any casino, and we can start by seeing the casuals, who like to play the machines every now and again, but don’t take it too seriously. Then we come across the more serious players, who try and get to the slots as often as they can, with the intention of making real money off the machines.

And then we have the professionals. These are individuals who live and breathe slot machines. They come in every single day and play the rounds, and stick to it until they eventually win something, after which they start again. Slots aren’t simply entertainment to them, but a legitimate career that they base their lives around. Pro slots players can be found at just about any type of casino, both the land-based and the online ones, where they will play machines that they’ve marked out specifically, such as online pokies NZ.

Let’s take a look at the life of a professional slots player.

Learning To Play The Machines

It may seem a bit odd that there are pro slot players out there, given that slot machines are meant to be at the mercy of chance. This may be true, but there are still some ways that the chances can be manipulated to benefit the player. When a pro enters a casino, they won’t just sit down at any machine and begin playing. They choose their machines carefully, they study them, and find ones that suit what they looking for.

For the most part, the pros almost always tend to stick to progressive jackpot machines, as these are the ones that pay out the most. And then they sit at this specific machine, and play it until they win. It’s a matter of time versus chance, and the more time you invest in a machine, the better your chances of winning.

The Problems of Being a Pro

There are, of course, some downsides to playing slots professionally. One of the biggest is the casino’s themselves. Understandably, casinos don’t like to lose money, and when they see that one player is winning over and over in a short span of time, they become suspicious. If they find out that it’s all legitimate, then they generally turn quite negative toward the player. This can sometimes result in some casinos outright kicking the player out of the casino, or in the case of online games, the player can have their accounts banned permanently.

Many casinos also share a player blacklist, where they will automatically kick a player that has won many times in a previous casino.

The Long Term Pro

Most professional slots players do not do it long term. The constant strain of playing machines mixed with the volatility of the casino market can make it a stressful job, and believe it or not, not many professionals make the millions upon millions as many of us believe.

For most pros, they play the machines, make as much as they need to, and then move on to other ventures, usually just after a few months.