Most Unusual Casinos in the World

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Unusual Casinos Around the World

There are many weird and wonderful casinos around the world.  Many of them can be found in popular tourist cities while others in small towns.  Those who enjoy playing casino games and travelling will enjoy playing at these unusual casinos.

The Basement Casino

The Basement Casino is housed in North Cadbury Court in the small village of Yeovil just North of London.  The house is a stunning building and was originally built in the 1300s and was later converted into a private residence.  Currently the house is a venue popular for hosting events and has 21 bedrooms, a dining room that can seat 96 and a ballroom that is able to accommodate 150 people.

The intriguing aspect of this venue is the casino underground.  The owners of the house have transformed the basement into a casino.  Even though it has low ceilings the casino has room for 30 guests trying their skills and luck at the blackjack table, roulette wheel and in the poker room.  Local croupiers oversee the games and the casino is only open to guests who have booked the house for an event.  Not only is it one of the smallest casinos, but also a very exclusive one.

The “Riverboat” Casino

The Rivers Casino in Illinois looks like any other modern casino.  It can be found a few minutes away from Chicago and is close to O’Hare International.  It is huge casino with over 1000 slots and a Wheel of Fortune, Quick Hit as well as Lucky 8.  The casino has a range of table games that includes poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat.  Still nothing unusual about the casino, but many people do not know is that casino is built on a puddle, or more likely a shallow water pit.  The reason for this is that the casino abides by the gaming law of the state, which only allows riverboat casinos.

The Anywhere Anyplace Casino

It may seem a bit silly to mention this one, but many people can now enjoy playing the slots NZ has to offer and casino games in their home, or anywhere really.  With the developments in virtual reality (VR) technologies gamers can now play casino games from their living room or bedroom or any room really.  With the use of a special headset players can enter the digital world, which feels very real when using VR technology.

The first VR casino was SlotsMillion in 2015 and enables players to enter a casino floor and enjoy a range of casino games.  They are able to try their luck at a variety of slots or their skills at blackjack.  They are also able to interact with their friends and people that work in the casino.  All they will need is a computer, Internet connectivity and a VR headset.

Casino in the Sky

Casinos in the sky!  What next, but it’s true.  Thanks to Airjet Designs and Designescence it is possible to enjoy playing casino games while in flight.  These creative and talented designers have come up with the concept of casinos that can be installed on both airliners and private jets.  This means that players can play games flying high.  Known as the Casino Jet Lounge, it comes with casino tables, a bar and enough room for the players to move around comfortably.  It is a relatively new concept and it will not be long before the Casino Jet Lounge is a common feature not only for first class travellers, but also for economy travellers.