Myths about Slot Machines

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Myths about Slot Machines

Slots are always a popular option in land-based casinos.  Slot players are always trying to find ways to beat the machine and many so called experts have come up with ways of doing this.  Some players believe that having a strategy will help them win, while many dismiss these strategies.  This article will look at some of the strategies employed by slot players.

How Does a Slot Work?

Understanding how the slot machine works will shed some light on the myths of slot machines, in the same way the understanding stats will help you win big in online betting.  The main mechanism of the slot machine is a Random Number Generator (RNG).  The RNG is continuously choosing a series of numbers. The RNG is constantly working even if the machine is not being played.  The numbers that are generated are not determined by the size of the jackpot, the amount that is bet or if a VIP card is used.

Popular Myths

The first myth is that slot machines are placed right by the entrance so that more players will be attracted to play.  This is not true and it seems untrue that any casino would resort to a strategy like that.

There is a belief that winning on a slot machine by pulling the lever offers a better chance of winning than by pressing the button.  This is absolutely untrue.  Most slot machines today do not have levers any longer and besides that we know that winning numbers are created by the RNG and by nothing else.

There are also some that think that the looseness or tightness of a slot machine changes during the course of the day or even on a particular day of the week.  Casinos will need to find a balance between paying out money and making a profit and tightening their slots may result in a drop in business.  Also adjusting machines all the time would be a time consuming process.

Players who use a player card reduce the chance of a payout.  This is not true and should not let players avoid joining the slots club.  The purpose of a player card is only to monitor how a player spends their money so that they can be eligible for complimentary things like meals.

One of the most popular myths is that a slot machine will definitely pay out if it has not paid out a jackpot in a while.  If a slot has just made a large payout it is thought to be cold for a while.  The RNG ensures that each spin is completely random so although multiple jackpots one after the other are unusual, there is no way a machine will pay out at a certain time.

Some people believe that warm coins increase the chance of a pay out. By rubbing coins to make them warm is a ridiculous notion and besides that, most slots do not even use coins any longer

It is also thought by some that there is some kind of pattern to a payout. There is no predictable pattern when it comes to slot payouts, every spin is governed by the RNG and each spin is not related in any way to the previous one.