A Simple Guide To Online Casino Bonuses

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A Simple Guide To Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos have become the staple of the modern gambling industry, and since their inception over two decades ago; they’ve become one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Casinos based online come in every shape and size – ranging from small, personal poker halls to sprawling, international platforms that feature hundreds of different games to choose from.

For those that are new to the online casino scene, it won’t take long before you come across your first hurdle: choice. With hundreds of different sites to choose from, it can quickly become a chore to find one that meets all your needs. The reputable sites, for the most part, will offer the same range of games, as well as the same variety of services to make your introduction into the site that much easier. So, how do you choose a casino to stick with?

The answer for many is online casino bonuses. These are special prizes and rewards that new and seasoned players can earn for both joining up with the casino and meeting the right criteria. This is a breakdown of some of the more common types of casino bonuses that you will encounter online.

  1. The Welcome Bonus

This is the kind of bonus that you will most likely come across the most, and it covers a wide range of different rewards that new players can earn. The design of this kind of bonus is to appeal to newcomers, making them want to join up as soon as possible, while also providing enough incentive to earn your loyalty. Welcome bonuses come in a few varieties of their own:

  • Casino No Deposit: Much rarer to find these days, but the holy grail of bonuses for new players, a no deposit bonus is the perfect way to start up with a new casino. The player is not required to make any kind of deposit into the casino, but must still make an account.
  • Minimum Deposit Bonus: These are fairly common and while not as popular as the no deposit bonus, can still offer some great rewards. Here, the player needs to deposit a certain amount into their new account before they can claim any rewards.
  1. Regular Promotional Bonus

These bonuses are aimed more toward players that have been with a casino for a certain amount of time. Promotional bonuses are meant to retain player loyalty through a number of different methods.

  • VIP/Loyalty Bonus: These are rewards that can be claimed if the player is a regular user. These are usually dependent on a special “points” system, where the more points a player accrues, the higher the reward they can earn.
  • Refer-A-Friend Bonus: Pretty straightforward, but a bonus that can offer a lot for regular players, this is simply a reward earned after referring the casino to a friend. The friend will be required to confirm that you referred them, but it’s a quick and simple way to claim a bonus.