The Perks of Being a Pro Gambler

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Anybody who plays gambling games professionally, or could be termed a whale, or high-roller, will enjoy a number of additional advantages when it comes to playing at any of the luxurious casinos the most glamorous cities in the world are able to offer.

For us who are quite happy to enjoy the online slots Canada has to offer from the comfort of our own homes, or as we go about our days and indulge in a little break every now and then to enjoy the top titles from our smartphones or tablets, the sort of treatment these guys -and girls- get is something else!

The Perks are Offered Complimentary from the Casinos

Professional gamblers and whales get many different perks for free from the casinos they play at, with these gifts falling into a very high level category.

As soon as the gambler walks in the door of the venue he will be treated differently, and things will be waiting for him to enjoy. He will also be able to ask for the sort of accommodation he prefers, without having to pay for any of it!

Comped is the Word of the Day for Pros and HIgh Rollers

Professional gamblers and high rollers will most often get their meals, their rooms, and tickets to shows, handed them on a silver platter, totally free of charge.

Additionally, whatever these ladies and gentlemen want, they get.

The idea is that, if something is possible, and legal, of course, casinos do not want their whales and the pros to leave the hotel in order to go somewhere else to get it.

So they will do their level best to ensure if it can be done it does get done, in order to keep the money coming in!

The Stuff of Fantasy

The life of a professional gambler or a high roller is truly within the realms of Joe and Jane Average’s wildest dreams.

Penthouse suites with every imaginable luxury within arm’s reach, gourmet meals served up by some of the finest chefs in the world, and VIP concerts, sometimes packaged as private shows, that the casino pays for in order to keep these men and women happy, and, hopefully, busy playing!

High-rolling VIP players and professional gamblers will enjoy their meals in private if they wish to, and, when they hit the gaming floor, they will be able to play the games they are interested in with other VIPs at tables that have been reserved for them, typically found near the main floor, or, occasionally, located in more exclusive areas that have restricted access.

The types of perks on offer are the best rooms with the most beautiful views, totally private check-in services, and an additional layer of privacy provided to these player by the hotel staff.

These ladies and gentleman win big, and lose big, too, but generate a lot of income for the casinos in question.

This is why they will generally do whatever it takes to ensure these fine folk keep returning!