The Perks that Whales and Pro Gamblers Enjoy

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Who exactly are the high rollers, or whales, of the world? While it has been estimated that as much as 80% of the world’s whales are Asian, they come from many different backgrounds and industries. Kerry Packer, the legendary high roller from Australia beloved for his AU$1 million tips, made his fortune in the media industry, as an example.

Whales are also frequently found in the world of professional sports and in show business. Some examples include Bruce Willis, the famous actor, and Tiger Woods, the beleaguered golf player.

Different Games for Different Players

In the same way that these whales come from many different backgrounds, they play a variety of casino games too, and are not averse to spending time at an online gambling casino that recognises their worth.

Blackjack, craps, poker, Pai Gow, and roulette are popular choices, and some even enjoy slots.

The Benefits of Being a High Roller or Professional Player at Land-Based Casinos

Most usually, a designated host will be responsible for the casino’s treatment of its high rollers or pro gamblers. Depending on the casino, this host will either be an employee of the establishment or an independent freelancer hired in.

These hosts make various arrangements for pros and whales, and ensure that they get what they want, when they want it!

Gambler placing a bet at the roulette table at the casino. Risky entertainment of gambling

Meals in the upscale restaurants, at private tables or even in reserved rooms, are a common feature, as is free accommodation in lavish suites and tickets to popular shows.

Additional advantages and perks these kinds of players enjoy include:

  • Complimentary access to lavish penthouse suites
  • Free tickets to shows, big-name concerts, and exclusive sporting events
  • Transportation by limousine or private jets
  • Shopping sprees
  • Access to elite private parties
  • VIP seating in the most popular clubs and restaurants
  • Prime tee-time at the world’s most beautiful golf courses
  • Complimentary trips to exotic locations
  • Private parking areas
  • Personal hostesses to organise the day to day events the players wish to partake of
  • Dedicated account managers
  • The chance to play games in private, lavish rooms
  • 24 hour chauffeur service
  • Quicker withdrawal time for winnings
  • Private meals that get prepared by award-winning chefs to player specifications
  • Personalised gifts on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays

The Advantages Pros and High Rollers Enjoy Online

High rollers are not just noticeable presences at land-based casinos, and very many spend a lot of time online as well.

They will typically take part in games with high betting limits, and, just like their land-based counterparts, online casinos take excellent care of their whales, although the benefits are necessarily different:

  • Bigger Welcome, Match, No Deposit, and Reload bonuses are awarded to these players
  • Personalised bonuses are put together, wherein the casino will acknowledge birthdays and such
  • Free seats are provided to exclusive game tournaments
  • Free merch is handed out, with examples including chips, jackets, and various electronic devices
  • A personal account manager to help players
  • Free tickets for cruises and glamorous vacation destinations
  • Deposit and withdrawal processes that are expedited
  • VIP programmes that offer a multitude of different rewards
  • Cash back on losses