The Perks of High Rollers

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Being a High Roller comes with a certain prestige and it also comes with a lot of perks too. Casinos love High Rollers and they’ll happily go out of their way to look after them, reward them and keep them coming back for more.

Those who do make the cut and are recognised as High Rollers – or whales – can take advantage of numerous perks and the following are just some of the advantages of betting and winning big:

Entry Into VIP Rooms

Some casinos have exclusive VIP rooms that are only for High Rollers. These rooms are for the crème de la crème of the gambling word and are usually the ultimate in luxury.

They have all the amenities you’d expect, and they only have high stakes tables and extremely professional and proficient staff.

Exclusive Rewards Programs

High Rollers are often part of exclusive loyalty or rewards programs. These programs may offer everything from cash back rewards to prizes of exotic holidays, stays in hotels, limo rides or spa packages. Often, belonging to the VIP club means you need to meet a minimum betting criterion, and this keeps High Rollers splashing the cash.

Designated Parking and Concierge Services

This may not count if you are playing at a the top bingo halls on offer on a regular basis, but if you regularly frequent a casino and are a High Roller, the chances are you’ll have a designated place to park, or a valet or concierge service that will take care of all of your transport needs.

A Dedicated Host

High Rollers are often appointed their own casino host and this person will ensure that the players ever need is accommodated. From ensuring they get their drinks fast, that they have a seat at the table in their favourite restaurant and that their accommodation is taken care of and any extras, a casino host covers it all. Of course High Rollers will also be given special attention from staff and their status will always be recognised.

Birthday Gifts

High Rollers are rewarded for all kinds of occasions, but often casinos give them lavish Birthday gifts, or offer them private rooms to host parties. This type of personalised reward is one that helps forge a connection between the casino and the High Roller, and can be invaluable in retaining loyalty.

Cash Back Rewards

High Rollers spend big and they win big, but they can also lose big too. Some casinos offer High Rollers cash back on a large loss, or a percentage of cash bet over a period of time. This softens the blow a bit and can actually work to the casinos advantage, as the chances are, the High Roller will use the money to play for longer, and may well end up handing it back to the house anyway.

Guest Perks

It’s not just High Rollers who get perks, often these perks are extended to their chosen guests, so their friends can benefit from VIP treatment too and can enjoy the same level of service, even if they don’t have the same size bankroll.